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Among the recommendations for tourist visits which we would make are the remarkable nature reserves and numerous examples of cultural heritage. The historical heritage of Castilla-La Mancha contains cultural experiences which successive generations have bequeathed us. One example of this can be found in the town of Villanueva de los Infantes and its Plaza Mayor.


In the more immediate vicinity is Tomelloso, which has a wide selection of museums such as the Antonio López Museum and the Cart and Farming Equipment Museum. Other visits you can go on within 60km are Almagro with the Corral de Comedias and Campo Criptana with its La Mancha Mills.

Spanish Civil War Refugees

 Underground galleries designed by the architect Guillermo Langle Rubio, at 9 m. of depth to safeguard the human lives of the bombings that took place in the city. Of the 4,5 km. designed by the architect have been recovered almost 1 km which coincides with the main artery: the Paseo de Almería.


It has the attractiveness of having recreated spaces: pantry store, Guillermo Langle shelter and the operating room, with all the instruments of the time. Refuges that began to be designed in 1936 but were built in February 1937 and finished in 1938. Construction rehabilitated by the Almería City Council and has now become the largest shelters in Europe open to the public.


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Cabo de Gata

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